Snow Removal

Snow Removal Services in New York and New Jersey

Rarely does a winter pass when we don’t have to deal with mounds of snow blocking streets and piling up on rooftops. North Eastern Cleaning & Restoration LLC lightens the load with residential and commercial snow removal service and equipment. Keeping streets and sidewalks safe for passing and removing snow that poses a threat to your property is one of our reliable services that’s available when you need it. We’re always willing to go the extra mile for your home or business. Contact us for a free estimate.
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two men shoveling snow

We’re Ready for Unpredictable Weather

Homes and commercial properties in New York state are built with Northeast winters in mind. Still, winter storms account for some of the most significant catastrophic damages behind tornadoes and hurricanes. That’s why our snow removal services are so essential.
  • Snow

    We remove it from streets, driveways, lots, sidewalks, and more.
  • Ice Dams

    Let us safely remove these from gutters to avoid leaks and damage.
  • Flat Surfaces

    Excessive snow on flat surfaces can be hazardous if not removed.
  • Frozen Pipes

    Broken or burst pipes from freezing? Call us for restoration.

Ways to Protect Your Home or Business During Winter

Prevention is the best course of action for any storm threat. As a property owner, there are steps you can take before winter arrives to put yourself in the best position to weather the storm safely. Ensuring gutters are clear and not clogged with leaves and debris will help minimize ice dams. Insulating your home with the right products ensures heat can't easily escape and melt roof snow that can cause damage. A standby generator can help keep pipes warm if the power goes out.
man using snow blower
Have moved many times before with 'larger' moving companies/services - this was my first local move and I wasn't sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised with the level of service and professionalism I received from everyone! They made my move as stress free as possible. Thanks North Eastern!
Diego F.
I was very pleased with how understanding the company was after my home fire. As a customer the experience was comforting and went smoothly once the fire restoration began. The work was always moving along at a good pace & the workers were wonderful to deal with in such a stressful environment. There wasn't a problem in inspection & all the restoration work was done within a reasonable amount of time.
Moving into a new apartment, my wife and I decided to completely change the bathroom and unfortunately saw when breaking the walls that the whole room was utterly infected with dangerous black mold. We had to act fast, lucky enough to meet Victor, and his workers did their job exterminating everything. Honesty, professionalism, reasonable price, and a job well done from beginning to end.
Enrique V.
Great company to work with. highly recommended.
East Coast Environmental
Excellent Service. Came at the exact time scheduled and helped me move my belongings to my new apartment. Everything was how it was supposed to be and nothing was broken. Will gladly use them again.
Matthew G.
North Eastern was very professional. Helped me when I had a mold problem. I Will use them again in the future if another problem arises.
Jerry L.
Great job. Very friendly and polite workers.
Daniel Z.
Helped me move into my dorm. Did a great job, everything was perfect.
Edward L.
It snowed a while ago and they plowed my apartment complex. They did a great job.
James P.
I called North Eastern Cleaning Tuesday for a general cleaning of my apartment. I made the appointment for Wednesday morning and the cleaners arrive on time and were prepared with buckets with supplies. They were friendly and took care of my delicate items during the cleaning. At the end of the cleaning my apartment was spotless and I will definitely use them again in the future.
Jackie A.